Nomadz house rules

To gain access to Nomadz you have a personal door code. Once inside, you will come across a chalkboard and place for announcements, letters, and other news items, so cast your eye on it as soon as you arrive!

Nomadz has fiber optic internet (Nomadz - Fiber36) and a reserve network (Nomadz 2). For both, you will receive a personal password.

Your subscription
The maximum number of hours of your subscription can be freely assigned per calendar month but cannot be transferred to a following month.

Change subscription
You previously received your login details. This allows you to change, pause or cancel your subscription before the end of each month. The current paid month remains and the change takes effect in the following month. You can not plan / change two months in advance.

In addition to your subscription, any bookings and extras will also appear on your invoice, which will be sent on the 15th for the month in question. The payment term is two weeks. Always state the invoice number. In the case of automatic collection, the invoice is sent on the 28th for the relevant month and collected at the start of the relevant month.

Automatic debit
If you have your invoices collected automatically, there is no (cancellation) period. So you can change, pause or cancel your subscription until the end of the month. And if you switch from a subscription or purchase extras, the collection will automatically adjust. If you have not done this yet, go to My account> Billing> Set up Direct Debit. If you have already arranged this with your registration, the first month will also be charged. You can unsubscribe from the collection via your own bank or send me an email.

Extensions and extras
Are you sitting over your hours? Then you can take an extra in touch from your account. Here you can also purchase (one-off) other extras which will be added to your next invoice.

Wireless printing is based on fair use and can be used wirelessly on the Fiber 36 network. If this does not work (yet), you can use the USB cable. In addition, you can send print orders (from home) to our printer (mail + attachments are then printed). Prints about? Place it in the tray for the scrap paper.

Phone calls
Can you call softly and not too long and too often? Then that is possible in the general area, provided that nobody is bothered by it. Otherwise you have to handle phone calls in one of the other rooms or in the corridor.

Do you have a workshop or meeting? As a Nomadz member, you can reserve a meeting room for 50% of the normal rate. You can book rooms and extras like coffee and a beamer from your account, which will be added to your next invoice.

Do you get a visit from, for example, your bookkeeper or a customer? Then you can make free use of the meeting rooms. But beware: if you want to be sure that it is / remains free, you can better record it from your account and against the Nomadz rate.

When do I have to pay for a room, coffee and parking?
Sometimes it is unclear where the boundary is between a (free) call in a hall and a room (with discount) books. The following points provide guidance for when you pay for the use of a room:
- You use the room for more than an hour, or
- You are with three people or more, or
- You want to make sure that the room is not booked by someone else, or
- You use the room commercially (eg for a workshop), or
- Your use is structural (eg every Tuesday)
- Coffee: you pay possibly. just coffee etc. for your visitors
- Parking tickets: free for your visitors but limited

As befits a Nomad, it is at your own discretion whether your use falls under one of the above points. You can book rooms at:

Silent work place
For those who want to work fully concentrated, the large meeting room can be used as a joint silent workplace. The following rules apply here:
- You do not / can not book the room but only use it spontaneously
- You can always check out if the room is occupied
- The use is part of every flex subscription and strippenkaart
- Stop your phone
- Do not call
- Do not disturb others
- Close the door

Own monitor and stuff
You can bring your own monitor and leave it here. For your laptop we possibly have. standards, keyboards and mice. In principle you can not leave or store any items here, but if we have to, we will have a solution for you.

If you want to have something delivered to Nomadz occasionally, use your own (company) name and address: Bink 36, Binckhorstlaan 36 C3-48. I put letters and packages in the general mailbox. Do you want to collect your (registered) mail yourself at the reception? Please report this.

Own mailbox
Do you regularly post? Then you can take your own mailbox for a small monthly amount. I pick up the mail from below and put it in Nomadz in your mailbox.

At 12 o'clock we will have lunch together at Bink's corner. You can easily eat there (or take the nasi special!) But you can also eat your own bread there. Of course you can also have lunch at Nomadz. You can put some stuff in the refrigerator and you can warm up food in the microwave.

The American fridge is divided into Shared and Private. The items on these shelves are for everyone resp. only for the person who stored them there. Put your own stuff on Private, unless others can enjoy it too. In addition, the refrigerator has a dispenser with ice and cold (filtered) water. First make your choice on the panel and then keep your glass under the spout.

Smoking and pets
Smoking is not permitted at both Nomadz and Bink 36. Pets are not allowed in the buildings and on the grounds of Bink 36.

Opening hours
Nomadz is accessible during week days, weekends, evenings and holidays during the opening hours of Bink 36. Check for the latest information. If you often go outside office hours you can get a Bink36 pass for a deposit of 25 euros. Note: make sure you are out of the gate before closing, otherwise you may have to wait an hour for the last round of the guard.

If you have a part-time or full-time subscription, you can register your company at Bink 36 / Nomadz. Let me know if you wish, you will receive a rental statement.

Your public profile
A nice option is to fill in your profile. This is shown on our website and is fun for your "colleagues" and potential customers. Of course, a good photo may not be missing. To hide this, you must place your profile in your account on non-public.

Friday drink
Every last Friday of the month there is a Nomadz-drink! Beer is available from 5 pm and you can of course bring your own delicious treats. If there is enough enthusiasm, for example, a bite can be eaten in the rooftop restaurant.

We keep our annual "potluck" around Christmas. Everyone here ensures a tasty dish and Nomadz is transformed into a true rooftop restaurant. Do you and your partner need to be there!

In addition, all kinds of activities are organized (spontaneously). From a drink in the Bink to wave surfing and stargazing. Do you have a nice hobby? Share it with us!

At Bink 36 you can park for free for the first 4 hours. Then it is 4 euros per hour. As a Nomadz member, however, you can use free exit tickets that you can get with me. But beware: these apply to close and therefore not "over-night"!

Clean up and clean
When you have finished working, make sure you have an empty and clean desk. The next day there is probably someone else. It's nice if everyone does the dishes at the right time and gets a cloth over it. In the weekend the cleaning lady comes so much more you do not have to do ;-)

Shut down
Are you the last hard worker? Please turn off the lights and heating and close the windows. You can just close the door behind you.

If you have an ordinary subscription, I will add you to our Whatsapp group. That is fun and convenient, but do not hesitate to sign out.

Bink 36
All info about Bink 36 can be found on Do you want to stay informed about the Bink drinks, among other things? Then sign up for the newsletter:

Emergency situations
Bink 36 is equipped with a fire alarm system. Follow all instructions. An AED is available at the reception in the C building. At Nomadz there are patches (and paracetamol). At your registration you could / can provide an emergency number.

Passport App
Finally, with the following you can more easily book with your account, meeting rooms and with other Nomadz networks.