What is coworking?

With coworking you do not rent your own office yourself, but you take out a subscription to a non-permanent workplace. So you actually rent a desk + chair in a room that you share with other - mostly ZZP'ers. The advantage is that you no longer work from home or a coffee shop, but in a professional place, with other self-employed people, the necessary facilities and where your customers can receive well.


Our flex workstations

Nomadz has about 50 members, 25 workplaces and offers phenomenal views of the skyline of The Hague. But Nomadz is best known for its cohesion and good atmosphere. Exactly what you often miss at home, in the coffee club or at the big flex offices. Moving your work to a professional office is not just fun. It also ensures the right focus. As a self-employed person, this is a must, but also a tricky issue. A flexible subscription at Nomadz therefore pays tribute.


Bink 36

Nomadz is located in the Bink 36. The former PTT building that is now the bustling center of enterprising The Hague. With more than 300 companies, a few minutes from The Hague CS, HS and the motorway and free parking for members, the ideal location for a flex office. Are you from the Den Haag region? Then Nomadz might also be something for you.


Facilities and activities

In addition to our extensive opening hours and essential items such as fast internet, coffee, tea and printing, you can meet or give workshops. Members even receive a 50% discount on the room rental. Every day, most flex workers lunch at the Bink's corner and members regularly organize fun outings or a spontaneous get-together. Actually like "at work", but more fun.



You are already Nomad from 60 euros per month. With this you can work at Nomadz 24 hours a month. And because we do not charge a deposit or registration fee, your starting costs are also low. During week days, weekends, evenings and holidays, all hours can be freely divided monthly during the opening hours of Bink 36. For 199 euros you are here full-time and all subscriptions can be changed and canceled monthly (with a two weeks notice period). If you pay by automatic debit there is no notice period at all. If you start mid-month, you pay pro rata. All prices are excl. VAT.


Try it for free

Since our establishment in 2006, interested parties can register for our cookie deal. In exchange for cookies you can try Nomadz for a day for free. Including our facilities and the promised cosiness. So, do you want to separate your work and private life, or leave the mandatory coffees in the cafe behind you? Get serious and quickly complete our cookie deal form.

Get in touch with us

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2516 BE Den Haag

Tel. +31 (0)85 - 06 08 803

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