Bright magazine hotspot!

One nice day, a couple of moths ago, we were having lunch in the canteen. Minding our own business. When i got a call from Lara, who was in the office. Suzanne: there are a couple of journalists here and they want to do something with Nomadz. I think you better get here quickly.

Well obviously shuffed sandwiches in my face and run down to the 3rd floor to Nomadz.

And there they were, the 2 bright journalists. They told us that Nomadz was elected to be one of the 7 hotspots in The Hague. Really, how cool is that. if a cool magazine like bright tells you you are cool. Well, then it must be true, it is in print you know.

So we had a chat, and they took some photo’s and a little film, and this is the print result: tadadadaaa..

Once of a sudden we have become one of seven hotspots in The Hague. That is worth some cookies and cake!

The article online

Little pan film of people just working @ nomadz

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