Flexwork place

“Coworking makes people happy”, Norman B

‘It is like family…. but then the good parts’, Martijn M

Working @ nomadz

In kindergarden we have learned to share, and we still love doing that. Playing together gets you further and is more fun.

People who use the flex workplaces here are divers, from web designer to text writer, from 21 till 62, dutch or foreign. What we have in common is that we are all people who tried working at home, and don’t like it full-time, we are self-motivated individuals/entrepreneurs who enjoy the company of others.

Besides having sparring partners, working at Nomadz will most likely give your company a boost in many ways. We have a fun professional workplace with an amazing view and light where you can go to and work pleasantly, which helps you separate home and work. We take care of the cleaning, welcoming your clients, plant watering, coffee, printing paper, cartridges, maintenance, fire compliance ect ect, so you don’t have to. If you are stuck with something, or looking for help. Tell the Nomadz, they might be able to point you in the right direction.

Some facts

What facilities do we have:

wifi view over The Hague nice ‘colleagues’
broad opening times printer printing company
cookies vending machine canteen
10 min walk from cs/hs on the a12 free parking
nespresso, senseo, gourmet thee meeting room secure bicycle parking
room to pump Bink36 events

Opening times

– Members Monday-Friday from 07.00 AM to 10.30 PM and Saturday 09.00 AM – 10.30 PM, Sunday 09.00 AM – 7.00 PM. Meetings are alo possible within there times.

– Visitors 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM on weekdays. Please mail or call in advance so we can make sure someone knows you are coming to welcome you and get you settled.

Doing fun stuff

Besides work we also organize fun or business (or fun business) stuff.

We lunch at 12 in the canteen every day, so if you decide to come and work here, you get to know the other members pretty quick. There are always things going on. Business related or not. But the one rule is, join if you like, and feel free not to join.



  • First Time cookie intro (sign in) – Free
  • 1/2 day of work – €12,50
  • 1 day of work – €22,00


  • In touch (24 hours/month) – €54 a month
  • Part-time (20 hours/week) – €160 a month
  • Full time (7 days/week)- €180 a month (all ex 21% btw)

You can use your time any way you like. If you would like to come 20 minutes every day, that is all up to you. You have 1 month of cancellation time, and you can do that anytime. You can also adjust your membership up and down, per month, or put it on a break. This might be nice if you work at different locations on projects now and then.

For members we offer a ‘Strippenkaart’ (11 cowork days for €200) which you can use to host temporary colleagues or guests.

Your membership includes: coffee, gourmet thee, lemonade, cookies, envelopes, paperclips, printing (within reason) events (/dev/haag, rowing trip, open coffee, BBQ’s, workshops ect ect)

But excludes: meeting room (reduced rate)).


If you are member you can earn brownie points by helping out, which you can use as a discount towards your monthly rate. For instance:

  • Starters (within ½ year of kvk registration) – parttime 2 brownie points/month
  • Being the host for a day – earn 1 brownie point per day

One brownie point is worth €10 off your membership fee.

(so if you are a starter and you are a part-time member your monthly rate is 140 euro.)

Still reading?

Are you still reading? Great, well, than you might as well come and join us here for a day and get your to-do list cleared up. Of course it is free, but, you do need to bring a box of cookies.

Come and test co-working for a box of cookies


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  • Cookie deal

  • Bink36!