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Bright magazine hotspot!


One nice day, a couple of moths ago, we were having lunch in the canteen. Minding our own business. When i got a call from Lara, who was in the office. Suzanne: there are a couple of journalists here and they want to do something with Nomadz. I think you better get here quickly.

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Covered in LOF magazine

FD bijlage LOF praat over Nomadz

Lof, a dutch magazine which comes with the FD, spoke about us in their flexworking issue. Thank you Lof! Yes, if it is printed, it is real. Sorry for the English people, but it is in dutch.. You can download the PDF of the magazine here, it is all about flexworking.

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Marise’s birthday cake

marise taart nomadz

Marise from ontwerpstudio schot brought for her birthday to nomadz really an impressive cake, sweet, pretty. Impressive work! Looking forward to next year (-;

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Mimi brought a jummie homemade cake


In het kader van de eerste werkdag koekjes meenemen, heeft de duitste M imi een cake gemaakt die ze in haar geboorte provincie veel maken. Mimi, het was superjum, je mag zeker terugkomen.   On mimi’s first day at nomadz she brought a super jum homemade cake. Mimi is a German product developer, also known […]

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